My name is Jo Willowtails.

I am a sensitive, artistic soul living mainly in my imagination. I love to wander forests, towns & magical lands in this strange world taking photos with my favourite camera named Faetea & illustrating my fantastical discoveries. I meet many creatures in the wild realms of my mind. In 2010 I met Carmelo in the Land of Willowtails. We would visit each other quite often and I would sketch him everyday on everything including table napkins and cardboard boxes. I also made a wooly sculpture of his form, in his honour. I still feel his presence to this day, even when I don’t see him.

Many adventures later, I met Wil, who was using a dimension portal in the bathroom tiles of my apartment. I later spotted him collecting twigs and using elemental magic to light a campfire to keep himself warm and to roast garlic which he had been collecting from my kitchen. I kept a small visual log of his activity and kept Instagram updated on his shenanigans. I haven’t seen him since my time living in The Netherlands.

Wil was present in my life when a life event changed me at my core. In early 2017, while working as a cycling food delivery person in Amsterdam, some nerves and muscles in my neck were damaged and my neck vertebrae had also shifted without realigning. As a consequence I have been living with a chronic migraines and chronic fatigue syndrome for the last two years. The day after the worst of the injury was done, I wasn’t able to move my head or my body much either. I had these debilitating migraines along with spine, muscle & joint pain, ringing ears, dizziness, nausea, disturbed vision and severe fatigue everyday for the two years. I still deal with migraines and a lot of these issues everyday, but less severely than before thanks to finally receiving the right treatment.

I used to resent my vivid imagination, thinking that it distracted me, that maybe I was missing out on reality too much. Now I realise its incredible and irreplaceable value.

In November 2018, a creature flew into my life. This old soul divulged their whole life story to me within one week! The preferred time of meeting for the relaying of their tales was in the middle of the night, and demanded my attention all day as well. It was a very enlightening week. This demanding creature and I are negotiating whether a graphic novel or an animation is the best mode of delivery for a re-telling of their journey.